What is HelpSeed?
We present an all-in-one blockchain platform, HelpSeed, which includes a number of advanced features that can enhance the functionality and interoperability of decentralized applications (DApps) built on the platform. We utilize both Proof of Authority IBFT(PoA) and Proof of Stake (PoS) as consensus and use the powerful cryptographic primitives to resist to powerful adversaries. We combine the two consensus algorithms in a single blockchain system by using PoA for certain aspects of the consensus process and PoS for other aspects. Our system uses PoA to validate transactions and PoS to select the nodes that will be responsible for adding those transactions to the blockchain.....
The One And Only World And The One And Only Digital Asset
HelpSeed, an independent decentralized blockchain platform, transparent to thousands of unreal digital assets, close to outer sources, and fully protected by smart contracts, has an advanced transaction network managed by developers` communities from every part of the world.
The Most Secure
It is a creation of a completely closed node network of IBFT2.0 and it is decentralized. Users are free in their actions and manage their assets at their own will, they easily transfer, buy or use their assets
HelpSeed Universe
HelpSeed network is a real metaverse blockchain provider. It aims to create an easy-to-use, comfortable, practical, safe, and decentralized universe in a free space where independent users can create their tokens and sub-networks contrary to the traditional, boat anchor, centralized blockchains, coins, and tokens
Greater scalability
IBFT systems tend to be more efficient and scalable than PoW systems, as they do not require complex computations to validate blocks. PoS systems also tend to be more scalable than PoW systems, as they do not require as much energy to run. By combining PoA and PoS, a network may be able to achieve even greater scalability and faster transaction processing times.
HelpSeed! Is it An Evolution Or Revolution in Blockchain?
It is both a blockchain evolution and a revolution in blockchain technology in that it is intended to create real protected IoT, real metaverse, and real financial network systems unlike those thousands of projects that appear on the blockchain space which do not reflect the blockchain understanding completeley due to their the high-risk potential of not being transparent which victimizes the users.
Who is in the HelpSeed community?
Who are the community members? It is a great community of crypto users, crypto experts, and software developers who believe in the mission of independent services, protected and transparent, believed in the independent world and internet.
What Effect Will HelpSeed Create On The Real And Crypto World?
HelpSeed will create a unique system that will protect the personal rights of internet users which will enable digital privacy far away from the speculations and will develop a blockchain technology with the lowest risk, develop dapps, let the community contracts free, enable the investors to gain the highest profit and create the most independent financial system
We will be the Choice of HelpSeed Gamefi and Nft Projects
HelpSeed-supported GameFi projects are helping to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world and are creating exciting new opportunities for players, developers, and the industry as a whole. HelpSeed provides low transaction costs that are an important factor in blockchain-based gaming for several reasons:
Ecosystem projects supported by HelpSeed
The HelpSeed ecosystem is a strong sheltered ecosystem with a simple wizart with a click to built system that allows the development of projects such as low gas fee and advanced technological metaverse dapp using HelpSeed Chain hybrid technology.
HelpSeed TAI
Artificial intelligence meets secure crypto transfers - Keep your assets transfers with our encrypted solutions!"
HelpSeed Land - Metaverse Mining Pools play2earn
HelpSeed is an NFT collection built on the Land BEP-721 network. It is a new solar Project that we have added to our
HelpSeed Swap
It is a decentralized 100% secure user-friendly fast HelpSeed, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain powered hybrid defi exchange developed entirely by helpseed engineers.
HelpSeed Bridge
HelpSeed Bridge provides a smooth and reliable transfer of crypto assets to the HelpSeed network and other blockchain systems.
Our Mission
To contribute to the free and peaceful blockchain technology in the world by supporting more secure, more transparent, less risky, truly decentralized projects as free internet users.
Our Vision
To develop a free IoT technology and to leave it as a legacy to new generations in the new world order by rejecting the subjective approaches of some authoritarian institutions and organizations that defend transparency and democracy against projects that offer unrealistic promises under the name of unoriginal blockchain to speculation, serious financial losses, and defend transparency and democracy today. .
Welcome to the
World' safest ecosystem